Come & see us at JTSE Paris 2018!

Posted on 2018-10-22
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JTSE 2018

We are now only one month away from the kickstart of the JTSE Paris exhibition ! If you plan to visit, you can find us on our booth n°145-46 & 157-58. We will be showing our range of professionnal lighting and rigging solutions. With the launch of QuickQ, ChamSys' new range of lighting console and some new hoist controllers coming out, this year will be all about control !

About Rigging

For rigging and lifting, we can satisfy most of your needs, whether you're working on tours, one-shot events, exhibitons or in fixed installations. You will find on our booth a comprehensive range of chain hoists, manual or electric, with capacities starting from 250kg to 2000kg, but also BroadWeigh, a real time load monitoring system, and numerous rigging accessories dedicated to entertainment applications, such as shackles, softsteels, STAC chains...

But above all this year we wanted to put the focus on our expanding range of hoist controllers, offering a solution for standard jobs as well as more demanding applications. New controllers in waterproof cases are now available, providing a qualitative yet economic answer to most of your jobs.

In the meantime, we are developping flexible and smart control systems, allowing operators to have a solution that will be fully functional in the many different configurations they face. We can't wait to show you our latest work and to hear your feedback on these products.

Are you struggling to find a controller that suits your need perfectly ? Don't forget that we can also supply you with custom hoist controllers, according to your specifications, from one unit to small batches, allowing you to find a solution that meets all your requirements. This exhibition will be the perfect time to tell us about your projects, so we can see what we could have for you !

Télécommandes JTSE 2018

About Lighting

Lighting will not be outdone on our booth, where you will be able to lay your hands on the new QuickQ console range from ChamSys. These innovative consoles are design to be accessible to most users, with a easy-to-use interface and a friendly pricing. Benefiting from ChamSys' 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing lighting control systems, this range finally brings smart and powerful solution for small-scale applications where budget matters, with the ability to control easily conventional lights, LEDs fixtures or moving heads. They will be yours to try, along with MagicQ's Compact and Stadium console range.

We will also exhibit two new SGM fixtures, intended to set new standards in their respective application field : the P-6, sucessor of the well-reknowned P-5 wash light, and the G-7, a compact yet powerful spot moving head. These LED fixtures are both IP66 certified and able to work in the harshest environment : rain, snow, sand...

Produits lumière JTSE 2018

Last but not least, find out how you could save time and make your life easier thanks to Luminex products ! Whether you need to converge your networks into a single redundant network with the GigaCore manageable swtiches, or distribute your DMX signal with splitters and Eth-DMX converters, Luminex products bring you the peace of mind you need, in a reliable and simple manner.

Give a go to the "New RDM experience", or how using the RDM protocol with Luminex splitters and nodes will give you to new setting and monitoring tools for your lights that you will never want to go without again !

See you there !

Opening times :

Tuesday 27th of November
9.30 to 20.00

Wednesday 28th of November
9.30 to 18.30

Location :

Dock Pullman
Bâtiment 137, Les Docks de Paris
50 Avenue du Président Wilson
93210 Saint-Denis - France

Badges :

Free registration online available available here.

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