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    Logo ProstarThe Prostar of the US manufacturer Columbus McKinnon is one of the most compact electric chain hoist available on the market. Lightweight and durable, the Prostar is much appreciated by the riggers. With a load capacity of 250 kg, it perfectly meets of small and medium entertainment installations and events.

    Over the years, the Prostar has proven its qualities to event professionals and riggers. Thanks CM's decades of experience in the entertainment industry, the Prostar has everything you can expect from a quality hoist but the weight!

    With 12 kg and approximately 20 kg when equipped with 20 meters of lift, the Prostar can easily be handled by a single person or pulled with a rope to the top of the stage with little effort. Thus it is a good choice for tours that have a lot of transport and handling but it is also a significant advantage for places with many small capacity lifting points like exhibition halls.

    Its small size allows the Prostar to be fitted in a 300x300 square truss (see photo #2 & #3) to save valuable headroom in places with low ceiling. This saved space can make a critical difference, ensuring that the rig and light cannot be reached by the public.

    Like all our electric hoists, the Prostar is designed for entertainment applications and be used a stationary hoist or climbing hoist. This inverted use if often seen in temporary event, the hoist is attached to the load and climbs when the load is lifted, as opposed to traditional stationary use that would require the hoist to be taken and mounted to the ceiling before being able to lift any equipment.

    Hoist features

    Prostar Liftwheel

    Lift wheel

    The Prostar uses a patented 10-pocket oblique lift wheel, allowing smooth and quiet operation. This means the Prostar has a low noise level of only 55 dB at 1 meter in use and reduced chain wear for long-term savings on operating cost.

    Prostar Chain Guide

    Chain guide

    The Prostar is equipped with a robust steel chain guide.
    Made of a single piece, it is design for long service life and jam-free operation.

    Prostar Overload Protection

    Overload Protection

    The clutch prevents the user from lifting dangerous overloads that could damage both the user, the hoist and the load itself. When attempting to lift an excessive load, the clutch will slip to prevent the lifting of the load while still allowing the load to be lowered.

    Prostar DC brake

    DC electro-mechanical brake

    The Prostar is equipped with an electro-mechanical direct current brake that will hold the load while the hoist is not running, even if the hoist is not powered. The Prostar can also be fitted with an optional second brake.

    Prostar Gearing


    Precision-machined gears are heat treated for strength and durability. Permanent grease lubrication ensures a long service life and prevent any risk of leakage that could occur with oil lubrication.

    Prostar Housing


    Cast alumium carters offer a lightweight and robust housing to the Prostar. Durable black epoxy powder finish makes sure the hoist has low visibility above stage areas.

    Hoist options

    Direct control or low voltage control ?

    The CM Prostar is available in direct control or low voltage control version. With direct control, the hoist power and control are achieved through a single cable (Red CEE plug only). With the low voltage control version, power and control are using two separate cables (Red and yellow CEE plugs). The low voltage version does not feature an electrical limit switch but allows compatibility with an existing low voltage controller.

    Single or 3 phases ?

    In standard version the CM Prostar is using 3 phases power (400V-3-50) but can be powered using single phase power (220V-1-50). In single phase version is necessarily using low voltage control (Blue and yellow CEE plugs) and its load capacity is reduced to 226 kg.

    Double-Reeving Kit

    Feeling a bit short with 250 kg ? The Double-Reeving kit allows the Prostar to operate on 2 chain falls increasing its load capacity to 500 kg thanks to a sheave system. With this configuration the lifting speed is mechanically reduced to 2m / min.

    Swivel hook

    Static or swivel hook ?

    The CM Prostar is equipped with a static hook in its standard version, but it is now available with a swivel hook suspension. Get the versatility and flexibility you need to rig truss, lighting and audio in confined spaces. Optional swivel hook rotates a full 360° to allow for easy attachment to slings and pick points.


    Dimensions Prostar

    Physical characteristics
    Height102 mm
    Width150 mm
    Depth320 mm
    Weight12 kg
    IP classIP54
    Motor features
    Load Capacity250 kg
    Lifting speed4m / min (optional 8m / min and 12m / min lifting speeds with lowered load capacity)
    FEM class1Bm
    Insulation classF
    Noise level in operation55 dB at 1 meter distance
    Double-Reeved motor specifications
    Double Reeving OptionDouble-Reeving kit available as an option
    Double-Reeved Capacity500 kg
    Double-Reeved Lifting Speed2m / min
    Hook specifications
    Chain hookSwivel hook
    Body hookFixed hook (optional swivel hook)
    Hook typeForged steel hooks with safety latch
    Chain specifications
    Chain dimensions4.0 x 12.2 mm
    Approx. chain weight0.35 kg per meter

    Prostar - Declaration of Conformity- 12.6 Kb

    Declaration of conformity to European Standards.


    Prostar - Double Reeving Kit Assembly- 1.9 Mb

    Instructions (in French with pictures) for the assembly of the double reeving kit


    Prostar - Manual- 1.7 Mb

    User manual in English - Latest version - Rev. P620-H (2013)


    Prostar - Manual- 695.9 Kb

    User manual. Rev. P620-G (2012)


    Prostar - Wiring Diagram - DC- 73.5 Kb

    Wiring diagram of the Prostar for direct control units (2004)


    Prostar - Wiring Diagram - DC- 52.3 Kb

    Wiring diagram for Prostar units with direct control (from 2006)


    Prostar - Wiring Diagram - LVC- 319.7 Kb

    Wiring diagram of the Prostar for low voltage control units


    Prostar - Wiring Diagram - Single phase- 37.3 Kb

    Wiring diagram of the Prostar units with single phase power and low voltage control

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    Bi Quadro

    Chain bag - Prostar- Large

    Bi Quadro

    Chain bag - Prostar- Small


    Flight Case for 4x CM Prostar


    Load Chain - 4 mm - Prostar


    Red & Yellow CEE plugs


    Red CEE Plug - Male

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