Wireless Load Cell

Wireless load cell built-in a 3.25 or 4.75 tons Crosby shackle.

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    Mantracourt’s expertise in wireless telemetry has been combined with the high quality and industry-renowned Crosby shackle.

    The BroadWeigh™ Crosby Load Cell Shackle features a high accuracy, precision engineered, load-pin and integrated electronics. This allows load monitoring without the need for time consuming and costly cabling.

    • Easy to use
    • Crosby shackle with integrated electronics available in two capacities: 4 ¾ tonne (BW-S475) and 3 ¼ tonne (BW-S325)
    • Wireless range of up to 800 m (2,600 ft)
    • Calibrated and tested in-house
    • 5:1 safety factor
    • Typical accuracy ±1% of current load or ±25 kg, whichever is greater
    • Zero Trim Loss
    • Free 100 channel software
    • Fully weatherised, IP67 rated

    Built to withstand the demands of varying environments and weather, the BroadWeigh Load Cell shackle is also equipped with a load centralising bobbin as standard.

    Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, the BroadWeigh wireless Crosby load cell shackles offer simple, real-time, effective and accurate load monitoring. It allows users to know the precise loads on any given rigging point, guy wire or hoist in a rigging system. This valuable data enables the rigger to safely distribute weight for indeterminate loads, roof structures, mother-grids as well as indicate alarms to avoid rigging component overload situations.


    Dimensions peson 3250 kg en mm

    Dimensions Peson 3250kg

    Dimensions peson 4750 kg en mm

    Dimensions peson 4750kg

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    10 GIS LCH hoists were chosen to lift the roof of the main stage, while loads were monitored by a BroadWeigh system.


    BroadWeigh - Declaration of Conformity- 1.8 Mb

    Declaration of conformity to european standards.


    BroadWeigh - LOG100 software- 12.8 Mb

    Installer for the LOG100 software, used to display load cells measurements


    BroadWeigh - User manual- 4.4 Mb

    Complete user manual in English for the BroadWeigh system

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