GIS hoists and BroadWeigh load cells go green at the We Love Green festival in Paris !

Posted on 2019-06-19
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The 1st and 2ndof June, the young and eco-friendly festival of We Love Green gathered thousands of people over 5 stages in the Bois de Vincennes, right outside of Paris. 10 GIS LCH hoists took up the challenge of lifting the 33 tons of the main stage's roof, under real-time monitoring of BroadWeigh wireless load cells.

Scène We Love Green
The main stage, named "la Prairie", was installed by the technical provided Magnum.

We Love Green is a festival of electro-pop music committed to eco-friendly solutions. For this new edition, the line-up was very eclectic with among others : Tame Impala, Christine and the Queens and Booba.

In Paris, at the core of the Bois de Vincennes, an area of 4 musical stages was installed to receive more than 100 lives and dj-sets. The technical provider Magnum was in charge of setting up the main stage.  

For the lifting of the roof, each of the 10 towers was equipped with a GIS LCH hoist and a BroadWeigh load cell.

The lifting of the roof was one of the main challenge of this set-up, because of its weight of 33 tons and up to 35.5 tons after the installation of the bridge. To this end, Magnum chose to put in place 10 GIS LCH of 2.5 tons, double-reeved in 5 tons, inside of towers on the left and the right side of the roof.

By using GIS hoists, the technical provider set up only one electric group of 125A, which is significantly less than the former system : last year, the lifting of the same roof required 2 groups of 250A.

Reduction of mounting constraints

On-site, we join the technical team who is pleased with the ease of installation and the time gained thanks to these 1.6 meters/minute hoists. Their compact design allows to the LCH2500 to be easily inserted inside the towers.

In addition to the time saved, the load stability and the smoothness of the lifting have been valued by the team. Thanks to their helical gearing, the hoists are noiseless, a good point for the riggers working on the mounting site !

Even if Paris enjoyed a nice weather during the installation and the festival, the rain still remains an element to anticipate. Unlike some hoists that need to be covered with an additional protection, the IP65 of the GIS hoists avoids water and dust infiltration inside the motors. As a result, the installation is easier and it is a peace of mind for the technical provider.

Continuous monitoring of the attachment points

By linking the BroadWeigh USB station to his laptop, the worksite manager has a real-time access on the software Log100 to the informations sent by the load cells.

A Crosby load cell shackle 4.75 tons was hooked on each GIS LCH2500. The load cells send signals to the USB station, which allows a real-time monitoring of loads supported by the attachment points.

Without requiring cable, the worksite manager can keep a close look on the installation safety while he is moving with his laptop until 800 meters from the installation. As the GIS hoists, the BroadWeigh load cells are fully protected thanks to their IP67.

This well-managed mounting has allowed the installation of the festival to start on a right note. On the 2d of June, We Love Green was ending while it beated its record of attendance with more than 80.000 visitors.

Technical provider : Magnum

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