All-in-one Wash / Strobe / Flood / Pixel / Blinder LED light - 48 x RGBW 24W LEDs - IP65

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  • Lightsource of 48 x 24W RGBW LEDs
  • 10° native beam angle, adjustable via magnetic holographic filters in option
  • Output of 39690 lumens
  • 8 individually controllable segments
  • IP65
  • CTC linear control from 2,000K to 10,000K
  • Wireless DMX and RDM
  • Ultra-high-speed strobe effects
  • Flicker-free / Programmable scenes
  • Easy-fit barndoors in options
  • The SGM patented dehumidifier integrated
Q-10 VS P-10

LED Technology

This low-profile, rectangular, full color LED luminaire incorporates 48 high-power RGBW 24W LEDs, and delivers a staggering output of 39690 lumen. It features a superior dimming performance with velvet smooth fades and flicker-free operation. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.


The SGM P-10 delivers best-in-class optical color mixing. It maintains the same accurate factory color calibration of the P series and the avoidance of color shifts. The P-10 delivers superb color rendering, and like all SGM wash lights, it is designed to achieve, not only deep reds and warm pastels, but also blue saturates, bright magentas, and soft turquoises.


The 48 individual lenses of the P-10 deliver a native 10º beam angle with even distribution for long-throw applications. Its standard round and symmetrical beam can be manipulated with an optional set of magnetic holographic filters (19º, 45º, 63º/12º elliptical horizontal and 12º/63º elliptical vertical). Barndoors and an empty frame for custom filters are further available for optimum flexibility.


Engineered for any type of event, the P-10 luminaire helps to create staggering and intense high-power narrow effects over short throws, and extremely bright and even amounts of light over long distances with no unwanted artifacts. With the SGM P-10, it is possible to achieve bright beams, not only in white, but also in deep saturate colors. The P-10 also includes linear color temperature control from 2000K - 10000K.

Pixel mapping

For direct-view applications, the LEDs in the P-10 light fixture can be divided into eight individually controllable segments, generating wide-ranging color effects and pixel-mapping combinations for creative lighting designs. Each segment provides fast feedback, individual RGB control, and ultra-smooth dimming.

Powerful features

The P-10 luminaire also delivers many great additional features such as Plus / Minus Green control for fine tuning, a vast color filter emulation, Quick Color settings, different pixel and strobe pre-programmed macros and effects, and a super-fast strobe with duration and rate parameter adjustments. With added features of RDM capability and a Wireless DMX receiver, the P-10 is setting a new professional standard for production and arcitectural lighting needs.

Mounting options

Because of its integrated handle and included omega brackets, the SGM P-10 is easy to transport, to rig, and to focus. The P-10 comes with 3 x 2 ¼ turn locking points to allow the use of one or two clamps, enabling the fixture to be mounted in any position. The built-in safety wire eyelet in the base secures the unit when rigged.

About SGM


IP Rating

All SGM lights are protected by an IP rating of 65 or 66. The durable IP65-rating ensures that the fixture is kept free of externally induced particles and liquids on internal optics and light sources, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution, and humidity. Thereby, the need to clean optics or gobos is eliminated and no internal corrosion will occur. It is ideal for outdoor applications, while being practically maintenance-free making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor events and installations as well. The IP-66 rating include the same protection, adding a protection against multi-directional, high-pressure water jets while the IP-65 is protected against low pressure.


Every SGM light is equipped with an internal built-in dehumidifier protecting the fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification not only removes humidity but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane equalizes internal pressure to prevent leaks.

SGM’s patented DEHUMIDIFIER, incorporated in the SGM product range, constantly removes trapped hydrogen from inside of the lighting fixture in a solid state electrolytic process with no moving parts. SGM’s DEHUMIDIFIER breaks down corrosive H2SO4 molecules, deriving from polluted air, and eliminates the effects hereof. Hereby, the unique process eliminates any risk of humidity, which would otherwise lead to condensation and corrosion.

Thermal management

To achieve optimum performance of the LEDs at all times, SGM lights are optimized to manage heat impact through SGM's unique thermal management technology.

High power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use up to 5,000 milliwatts or more in a single LED. However, most of the electricity in an LED turns into heat rather than light. In fact, about 70% becomes heat generation while only 30% becomes light. Therefore, in order to get more light from your LEDs, it is crucial to have efficient thermal management. The SGM technology consists of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips. All SGM LED products consist of SGM's superior thermal management technology and tested under extreme hot and cold conditions, which ensures that the LEDs always operate within safe parameters.


SGM company

Originally founded in 1975, SGM brings more than 40 years of experience within the stage lighting business.

In 2009, SGM decided to bring in industry pioneer Peter Johansen to head the new Research & Development center in Denmark, with the intention to transfer technology, previously only seen possible within stage lighting, into architectural lighting.

With field expertise dating back to the invention of the smoke machine in the 70s, Peter Johansen, founder of Martin Professional, successfully established the company headquarters in Denmark in 2012, and followed by the introduction of an architectural division offering superior dynamic LED lighting, which comprises colors, strobe effects, pixel lights, positions, patterns, and gobos, in practically maintenance-fee fixtures.

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SGM illuminates the Christmas Market of Toulouse

SGM illuminates the Christmas Market of Toulouse


In Toulouse, 24 SGM P-10 wash lights have enchanted the Place of Capitole during the Christmas.

Source lumineuse48 x LEDs RGBW 24W
Beam angle(s)10°
Total output39 690 lm (all LEDs) - 7 127 lm (red) - 13 535 lm (green) - 2 821 lm (blue)
Efficacity33 lm/W
Colour temperature range2000K - 10000K
Control & Program
ProtocolUSITT DMX512A - CRMX - W-DMX™ G2/G3/G4/G4S
Setting and addressingControl panel or RDM
DMX channels6, 8, 10, 27 or 30
Colour temperature control2000K - 10000K
Wireless DMXLumenRadio CRMX
Power supply unitAuto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Consumption1130W - 1400W maximum
Power factor0.99 PF (230V)
DC PowerNeutrik powerCON TRUE1
Physical characteristics
Height402 mm
Width702 mm
Depth206 mm
Weight20.90 kg
IP classIP65
Temperature range, Operating−40° to +50°C
Temperature range, Start-up−20° to +50°C
Temperature range, Storage−40° to +80°C
Max. humidity98%
Fixture features
Tilt0 - 190°
StrobeUltra-high-speed strobe effect (1-50Hz)
Mounting pointsTwo quarter-turn locking points
Safety featuresFour times two quarter-turn locking points
Minimum distance to combustible materials0.3 metre
Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces0.3 metre

P-10 - Colour filters emulation chart- 275.8 Kb

DMX chart for the emulation of LEE colour filters. Rev 1.1.


P-10 - DMX Chart- 411.7 Kb

Description of the channels for the 6, 8, 10, 27 or 30 DMX channels modes. Rev 0.91.


P-10 - Photometrics- 3 Mb

Photometric data for red, green, blue and all LEDs.


P-10 - Photometrics - IES files- 2.6 Kb

Photometric data in .ies file format.




8-way barndoors




IP65 Test Kit


Omega Bracket


TRUE1 Power Cable


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