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Simple and intuitive console - 2 DMX universes

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    The QuickQ console series by ChamSys are designed with a quick and easy user interface, 9.7" touch screen, and a comprehensive feature-set that bring simplicity and power to the small console market.

    The built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a second external monitor. QuickQ is ideal for programmers and operators of all skill levels, from stuidents and volunteers to professionals..

    Touch screen

    9,7" Tactile screen

    A multi-touch tactile screen that enables an intuitive, smartphone-like interface.

    No limits

    No fixture limitation

    You can thus control up to 1024 fixtures with the QuickQ 20 - 2 full DMX universes.


    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Simply scan a QR code to transform your Android & iOS smartphone/tablet into a second control screen or a remote control.


    Compatibility with MagicQ

    Shows from QuickQ consoles are compatible with MagicQ consoles and vice-versa.

    PC Mac Software

    Offline Software

    Program wherever you want without your console thanks to the QuickQ software for Windows & Mac.


    3D Visualizer

    The QuickQ software integrates MagicVis in order to allow real time rendering of your shows.


    Extented fixture library

    QuickQ shares with MagicQ its 24000-fixtures library.

    Network protocols

    Network Protocols

    Send your DMX data over your IP network using Art-Net, sACN or Pathport.


    3 Playback Faders

    1 Cue Stack control fader, 2 Chase faders and 1 Grand Master fader. Each fader has a dedicated flash button.


    20 Intensity Faders

    20 faders with flash buttons to control the intensity of fixtures that can be use for in single fixture, group or cue mode.

    HSV model

    Colour Control

    Dedicated colour control section with 2 buttons and 2 encoding wheel for hue and saturation (HSV).


    Colour Library

    Select your colours from the touch screen thanks to the colour wheel, gel libraries (LEE, Rosco...) or in-built palettes.


    Execute Window

    Create your own virtual touch buttons and faders to control your lights as you intend in the blink of an eye.


    Built-in FX

    Effortlessly give life your lights with the integrated colour, intensity, position or beam effects.


    Quick and easy Pixelmapping

    Manage and animate your LED grids simply with QuickQ's pixelmapping engine.

    Midi & OSC

    Midi & OSC Support

    Control and sync your show from other devices thanks to MIDI & OSC protocols.


    RDM Support

    Use the DMX RDM to patch and set your RDM compliant fixtures from the console.


    Audio triggering

    The audio input allows for triggering your lights according to the music.


    Introducing the QuickQ 20 console

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    Physical characteristics
    Height106 mm
    Width565 mm
    Depth350 mm
    Weight5.2 kg
    Fixture faders20
    Playback multifunction faders10
    Dedicated Hue/Saturation EncodersOui
    Status Report
    DMX Port2
    External display1920 x 1080 HDMI
    Front panel USB ports2
    Connector TypeNeutrik 5 pin XLR
    Control & Program
    Number of fixtures1024
    Number of universes2
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