Tube LED pour Graphique 3D - LEDs RGB - 1 mètre ou 2 mètre - IP65 - contrôlable par DMX

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    • 40W RGB pixel 3D graphic LED tube
    • 2 versions : 2 x 27 pixels (1 meter) or 2 x 54 pixels (2 meter) per tube
    • 2 x 130º viewing angle
    • Up to 162 controllable DMX channels through TLD-612A / ILD
    • 35mm pixel pitch
    • IP65
    • Practically maintenance-free
    • Lightweight construction
    Introduction of LT 100

    LED Technology

    Each LT product contains 27 (1-meter version) or 54 (2-meter version) pixels in two 130º viewing angles. One tube mounts 2 x 27 RGB LEDs (for 1-meter length) or 2 x 54 RGB LEDs (for 2-meter length). To configure and control up to six LTs, it is recommendable to deploy either SGM’s TLD-612A or ILD driver. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.


    The LT can be operated by SGM’s TLD-612A or ILD drivers. An entire system can be controlled via DMX-512A, a dedicated video server, or an ordinary PC with ArtNet™ (the ArtNet signal is then distributed by a third party ArtNet to DMX Converter).


    To setup the full configuration of the LT, SGM offers the ArtNet Configurator, which is an extremely powerful software. The ArtNet Configurator offers the possibility of configuring ArtNet and DMX-512A to fit the selected controlling system when using TLD-612A or ILD drivers with LT units. This software is also compatible with the SGM A-4 ArtNet to DMX converter.


    This 3D LED graphic tube can be suspended from the ceiling, providing a staggering overhead 3D vertical and horizontal zip effect. However, it is not limited to a suspension mode, as it can be floor-mounted or integrated into a scenery in creative ways.

    Mounting options

    There are various mounting options according to the length selected. Each LT-100 graphic tube has a maximum length of 1 meter, while it is 2-meters for the LT-200. Up to six LT-100 input connectors can be directly wired to a TLD-612A or an ILD driver. The LT-200 can also be wired by 6 to a TLD-612A driver, while up to 3 LT-200 can be wired to an ILD driver. Those can be hung with regular clamps or just be attached to a surface. Since the LT-100 and the LT-200 cable is 0.85m long and include a top bracket, the tubes can be hung in different positions. An optional LT mount is also available for a more accurate setup.


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    SGM animates in 3D video the sky of the Belgian Festival Pukkelpop with 3300 LED Tubes

    SGM animates in 3D video the sky of the Belgian Festival Pukkelpop with 3300 LED Tubes

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    Source lumineuse27 x LEDs RGB 2W [LT-100] / 54 x LEDs RGB 2W [LT-200]
    Pixel pitch35 mm
    Viewing angle2 x 130°
    Addressable pixels27 [LT-100] / 54 [LT-200]
    Total output510 lm [LT-100] / 1020 lm [LT-200]
    Efficacity25 lm
    ProtocolUSITT DMX512A
    DMX channels81 [LT-100] / 162 [LT-200]
    DriversTLD-612 / TLD-612A / ILD
    Rigging possibilitiesCrochet pour accroche verticale à l'extrémité du tube
    Safety featuresPossibilité de passer une élingue de sécurité dans le crochet
    Temperature range, Operating−40° to +50°C
    Temperature range, Start-up−20° to +50°C
    Temperature range, Storage−40° to +80°C
    Max. humidity98%
    Power characteristics
    Consumption20W [LT-100] / 40W [LT-200]
    AC Power, nominal12 V DC (± 0,2V)
    2004/108/EC : Directive CEMEN 55022, EN 61000-6-3, EN 55024, EN 61547
    Physical characteristics
    Weight330 g [LT-100] / 560 g [LT-200]
    IP classIP65
    MaterialAcrylique et aluminium
    Entrée DataConnecteur verrouillable RS-765 4 broches femelle
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