Light console with 24 or 48 universes - compact and lightweight

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    MagicQ MQ70 is the latest offering in the Compact Console range of small and lightweight consoles that you can fly with. The MagicQ MQ70 fits within hand luggage carry on restrictions of all the major budget airlines including, Southwest, Easyjet and Ryanair.

    The console features a 10.1” Multi touch display, with illuminated encoder and fader tracks. The built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a second external monitor.

    The console supports 24 universes with an option to expand to 48. The console has 3 network ports enabling ArtNet and sACN direct from the console, whilst also having 4 assignable physical DMX ports. .

    Control panel


    10.1" tactile screen

    A multi-touch tactile screen that enables an intuitive interface.

    Sans fil

    Built-in WiFi

    Simply scan a QR code to transform your Android & iOS smartphone/tablet into a second control screen or a remote control.

    Faders et encodeurs lumineux

    Illuminated encoder and fader tracks

    All faders and encoders of the MQ70 are illuminated for more convenience by using it in a dark environment.


    2 playback faders

    1 Crossfade & 1 Grand Master fader.


    10 intensity faders

    10 faders with flash buttons to control the intensity of fixtures that can be use for in single fixture, group or cue mode.


    8 attribute encoders

    8 encoders for an easy managing of your light fixtures attributes, such as pan, tilt, zoom, focus...


    Logiciel PC Mac

    Offline software

    Program wherever you want without your console thanks to the MagicQ software for Windows, Mac & Linux.


    3D Visualizer

    The MagicQ software integrates MagicVis in order to allow real time rendering of your shows.

    No limits

    No fixture limitation

    You can thus control up to 12288 fixtures with the MQ70 - 24 universes, or up to 24576 fixtures with the MQ70 - 48 universes.


    Color library

    Select your colours from the touch screen thanks to the colour wheel, gel libraries (LEE, Rosco...) or in-built palettes.


    Audio triggering

    The audio input allows for triggering your lights according to the music.



    Easy organize your sequences thanks to the Timeline function.


    Quick and easy pixelmapping

    Manage and animate your LED grids simply with QuickQ's pixelmapping engine.



    Compatibility with QuickQ

    Shows from MagicQ consoles are compatible with QuickQ consoles and vice-versa.


    Extended fixture library

    MagicQ shares with QuickQ its 24000-fixtures library.

    Protocoles Réseaux

    Network protocols

    Send your DMX data over your IP network using Art-Net or sACN.

    Midi & LTC

    Midi & LTC support

    Control and sync your show from other devices thanks to MIDI & LTC protocols.


    Ports DMX

    4 DMX XLR-5 ports

    4 DMX Neutrik XLR 5-pin ports for 2048 parameters direct from the console.

    Ports MIDI

    Ports MIDI In & Out

    MIDI standards ports with DIN 5 pins to receive and send MIDI.

    Port Ethernet

    3 RJ45 ports

    Connect your console to the network to transport 24 universes of your MQ70, for 12288 parameters (or 24576 in 48 universes version) via ArtNet or sACN.

    Entrée et sortie Audio

    Audio In & Out

    Mini-jack 3.5mm audio port to receive an external audio signal.

    Midi & OSC

    5 USB ports

    Record your shows on USB, or connect a keyboard or mouse.

    Midi & OSC

    1 HDMI port

    Connect an external display via HDMI.


    Ports DMX

    Inbuilt UPS

    The MQ70 features an inbuilt UPS which protects both the console and the Ethernet switch in case of power fail.

    Faible consommation

    Low-power consumption

    Thanks to its low-power consumption, the MQ70does not require a cooling fan - enabling silent operation making it the ideal choice for touring shows, broadcast, theatrical and corporate shows.


    What includes your packed console ?

    The console is packed with a padded bag, a console LED lamp, the power cable and a WiFi antenna.

    Physical characteristics
    Height60 mm
    Width525 mm
    Depth350 mm
    Weight7 kg
    Screen size10.1"
    Ethernet Ports3
    Rear panel USB ports4
    Front panel USB ports1
    MIDI out1
    MIDI in1
    Remote In1
    LTC In1
    Connector TypeNeutrik 5 pin XLR
    Number of DMX ports4
    Control & Program
    Number of fixturesUp to 12288 *expandable to 24576
    Number of universes24 *expandable to 48
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    Padded Bag for MQ50/70

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